Internal and External Environments have been the focus on The Conscious Adventurer. To round the month off, it’s my great pleasure to share a guest post about creating a calming environment by Chantal Bernard.

Chantal has a passion for spreading awareness and sharing information about essential oils, mental health and chronic illness on her blog Painted Teacup! When she isn’t blogging Chantal enjoys spending time with her husband and their fur-baby, working as a social worker and helping her husband with the family virtual assistant business! Check out Painted Teacup and take a minute to follow Chantal on Pinterest & Facebook! Over to Chantal:

There are SO many ways to use essential oils however one of my favourite it to use essential oils to help create a calming and relaxing atmosphere! My favourite way to use essential oils for calming & relaxation is to use them aromatically in my diffuser (as opposed to topical application on your skin).

Today I want to share some of my favourite essential oils to use to create a calming environment and explain how to use them in a diffuser.


My 3 Favourite Essential Oils for Relaxation:

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender has wonderful calming and relaxing properties! If you are just getting started with essential oils, lavender is a great one to start out with as it is also helpful in soothing upset stomachs, soothing skin irritations, promoting a restful night’s sleep and of course helping with relaxation!

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The scent of eucalyptus is often associated with spas because of its relaxing properties! In addition to helping with relaxation, eucalyptus also helps to promote clear breathing which is an awesome combination after a long and stressful day! Check out all the ways to use eucalyptus essential oil here!

Cedarwood Essential Oil

I absolutely love cedarwood and it is an oil I often use on a daily basis to help promote a restful night’s sleep! Today I want to share a diffuser blend from my ebook called Essential Oils Made Easy: DIY Diffuser & Roller Bottle Recipes. This blend is perfect to use before bed as it creates a calming environment and promotes a restful night’s sleep!

Sleep Like a Log Diffuser Blend:

  • 3 drops of cedarwood essential oil
  • 2 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 100ml of water
  • Diffuser

Please note that diffusers hold different amounts of water depending on their size so you may need to adjust this blend for your diffuser.

How to Make This Blend:

First, remove the top of the diffuser and add water up to the fill line (or 100ml). It is usually recommended that you use room temperature water but be sure to read the directions specific to your diffuser. Next add 3 drops of cedarwood and 3 drops of lavender. Put the top back on the diffuser and turn it on! Now you can sit back & relax… and drift off into dreamland!

How to Use Essential Oils for Relaxation

Although you can apply essential oils to your skin, I prefer to use them aromatically (in a diffuser) for calming & relaxation! There are so many benefits of using an essential oil diffuser! The first benefit is that you only need a few drops of essential oil (usually 3-4) at a time. Using a diffuser means that anyone in the area/room will also benefit from the calming properties (or other feelings depending on the oil used) of the essential oil! If you are just starting out, you can find helpful tips for shopping for the right diffuser here. When using individual essential oils for relaxation simply follow the same directions I provided above for the diffuser blend!

I hope this post helped you to get started using essential oils to create a calming environment in your home!

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