Puddles, Magic, & Foraging

Puddles, Magic, & Foraging


“Come! In!” insisted Bear, pulling on my dress. He was splashing in a puddle, and I had been watching him, feeling like there wasn’t enough space in my chest for my heart. Bear’s fascination with the puddles, his delight and absorption – how utterly magical. I was holding Ant in a carrier and this space with my two boys felt ethereal.

So, I got into the puddle with Bear who then started stirring the water with some long leaves. More magic.

While stirring the water, I saw lots and lots of cabbage tree leaves. I had been looking for these after a kind friend took pity on my dismal fire-lighting skills and gifted me a lot of dried cabbage tree leaves as kindling. They are the secret weapon. I started gathering leaves with great gusto. The trees were up on a small, but steep, bank and after Bear and I had climbed this, I realised that walking down might be a problem. If Bear was unsteady, there was a chance he might fall and hit his head.

More magic – I showed Bear how to sit down and scoot down the hill. “Agin!””Agin!””Mum!”.

It seems to me that foraging is about finding treasure in the ordinary and overlooked. Isn’t that what conscious adventuring is about?

“Conscious Adventuring¬†– finding treasure in the ordinary and overlooked”

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