You know the saying “It’s when times are tough that you truly know who your real friends are?”. It seems to me that it’s when times are full on that you see what systems need tweaking or changed.

I was thinking this as I surveyed the bathroom/kitchen/lounge/study during the week. It’s been an intense week – in addition to the usual things, I ran a seminar on Wednesday night with absolutely amazing people (it was so fabulous) and then had a talk with a very special group of nurses on the inpatient ward I used to work on. So much fun! Such a joy to be part of. However, the state of the house did not spark joy in me…

Sure, there were things related to the seminar and the goody bags we’d made up; there were the usual debris of the day (bits of stickers, toy cars, etc)…but there seemed to be extra mess. As I had sprinted to get out of the house to the seminar venue with both the children, I became aware of things that were not set up for an effortless leaving. For example, there isn’t a laundry hamper in the bathroom (where I got changed), there wasn’t somewhere near the change table to put dirty nappies (the nappy pail and the hamper were by the washing machine); I didn’t have rubbish bins nearby to collect all the inevitable mess…some things didn’t have homes and that some (e.g., my keys) had homes was absolutely useful.As I raced around, I took mental notes of what was falling down and vowed to make some small changes. Even one new system will make life easier (as I know from the habit of training myself to leave my keys in the same spot).

When under pressure, have you uncovered a system that isn’t working for you?

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