With gratitude: Image by John Hain via Pixabay

Last week, I interviewed Tracey Loughran (a naturopath) of Flourish. Tracey has developed the Taste Success weight loss programme and was clear that self-compassion was fundamental for bringing about workable changes in dietary habits. Tracey also advocated for having curiousity – imagining a question mark about our head. I talked about self-compassion and the visualisation I did was a new one I designed specially: inviting self love in using colour.

Here’s the podcast.

This week (Tuesday and Friday at 12), we’re talking about compassion turned outwards. I interview Pip Wood, the manager of Food Share – a Dunedin initiative that is about collecting the good food that would go to waste (e.g., from supermarkets and cafes) and distributing it to agencies who can provide it to those in need. 1.2 million meals have been provided thus far.

“We give people a nutritional hug” – Pip Wood, FoodShare

I’ll be taking about compassion turned outward and guiding you through a variation of the loving kindness meditation.

Listen here at 12 Tuesday and Friday (podcast to follow).

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