Rubbish bag

Some weeks ago, I had the amazing fortune to attend a workshop by Kate Mead (“The Nappy Lady”). It was completely life-changing. I had been doing a number of environmentally conscious things, but her talk was a complete catalyst. It really hit me: It starts with me. 

We are still a long way off where I would like us to be, but here are some highlights of things that have been working in the pursuit of trying to be a more conscious consumer:

  • becoming aware of packaging and trying to buy things without packaging (ideally), or packaging that can be recycled. Our city council only recycles certain plastics, for example.
  • taking our own packaging or bags
  • having keepcups for the occasional take out coffee (or going without)
  • switching to cloth nappies. I’ll own up now and say that the bulk of that rubbish bag is made up of nappies. I’ve been trying to find ones that work for the boys.
  • using a Bokashi composting system in addition to our usual composting bin. This allows us to compost meat (ideally we’d eat less meat), small bones, and citrus
  • trying to use handkerchiefs instead of tissues (at least some of the time)
  • growing microgreens so that there are some handy greens and so I don’t buy them in packaging
  • trying to make more of our meals from scratch rather than buying products which are more prepared and have more packaging

Why the picture? This is two weeks worth of rubbish. I was putting out a rubbish bag weekly. I’d like to see if I can stretch out to three weeks and then longer. I also need to look into a waste pick up service so we don’t use black plastic bags. Small small steps, but #itStartsWithMe


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