If your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches…

William Goldman


Image courtesy of AnnaER via pixabay

Happy birthday my sunny, special son, how quickly these 2 years have gone. A few of the things I love about being with you:

  • You laugh so easily and you laugh with your whole body: your eyes filled with the very sun itself
  • When we walk somewhere, you pay so much attention to things, pausing to marvel in a puddle of water or collect gravel
  • You “talk” so seriously at times
  • You point and look intensely at incongruent pictures like the Richard Scarry picture of the pig who had put his plank of wood in the boot of his car rather too enthusiastically, and it had gotten through the windscreen. You point and point and “talk” and the laugh
  • You blow kisses
  • You give hugs
  • The way you eat with enthusiasm, taking the food into your palm and then putting your palm to your mouth
  • Your fascination with diggers and how enthusiastic you are when you see anything related to diggers
  • Your untiring enthusiasm to water the garden, repeatedly coming in with your watering cans to ask for “more” water

These are a few things I wanted to list down, because one of my regrets during these two years, is that I didn’t write more down. I thought that, of course I would remember. While I’m so pleased I have taken thousands (literally) of photographs, I really wish I had written down more of what happened with you. At the time, like when you responded to clapping f hands as encouragement,

I was just entranced and astonished.

Now I realise, daily, how fallible my memory is.

Why write it down? 

In the writing, like of this list, there is a chance to  savour the experience of you. It’s a re-living that I cannot imagine ever being weary of. I hope that when you are too big for me to carry you in from the car, where you’ve fallen asleep, kissing your beautiful face, or too old to be entertained by puddles, that at least I will have these memories.

You are an incredible gift – the room is so much emptier when your laughter is not here, there is not a day when I am in awe of you.

Happy birthday my darling boy. I love you, your mummy

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