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I’ve always admired friends who have a regular schedule for household activities (e.g., cleaning the house on a Saturday, grocery shopping on a Wednesday). One of my big dreams is to have an ordered life where things are nicely scheduled in and I am not, for example, ahem, working out my provisional tax the day before it’s due (sigh). [It’s not as completely dire as it sounds – turns out that at some stage, my earlier self must have done my present self a favour and put together some of the trickier subtotals I needed. Thanks past self!] I recently asked my friends, on facebook, whether it might be possible to have a scheduled life, where, for the most part, things were predictable and planned ahead of time rather than putting out fires. For the most part, my friends thought no. One suggested that I might have to wait until Bear was 21.

I’ve borrowed the title of this post from the main title of the January NEXT magazine (Dream Bigger, Start Smaller). Rachael Harwood talks about “The Small Step Makeover” and suggests 20 small do-able things to improve wellbeing. I really liked the idea of making smaller, achievable resolutions that were progress towards grander things, rather than making dramatic resolutions for the new year that might not be so achievable. So, perhaps there are small steps possible towards my bigger dream of a regular predictable schedule.One small step, I thought, was putting into my diary, everything that had a deadline along with a reminder – warrants for the car, registration, etc. Another step, I thought, was trying to have regular days for things (e.g., filling the car with petrol). I’ve become increasingly aware of how much I need to (1) write everything down instead of keeping a mental list and (2) how important it is to try and automate tasks.  It’s been an incredibly busy time with the launching of the CDs and work on the upcoming workshops.  All the more reason to look at these tiny ways that life might be easier.

Are there any ways, small or large, that you organise your life to make things easier?


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