I woke up and was tempted to forgo my waking mindfulness practice that I have been trialling. I noticed the urge + thoughts and did my short practice. Doing so enabled me to become aware of an underlying feeling of irritability. Labelling the feeling helped. I also tried to localise where I felt it in my body and to sit with it. This is a variation of the Stretch like a Cat exercise I describe below. It really helped me approach the day differently.

Day 5: “Stretch like a Cat” (just over 4 minutes)

I recorded this for the album “Stretch like a Cat” for younger people. I find, however, that older people like it too! I suggest trying this when you wake, to become present to physical sensations in your body. Notice where you are storing tension and become more present to your body.

Stretch like a cat 3

The exercises during this challenge come from my album Quick Mindful Moments for Busy People” which  has exercises from previous albums and upcoming ones. You can see album notes and here brief clips of this album here, on CDBaby and then obtain this album for free if you subscribe to my newsletter

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