Those of us with a less-than-straightforward path to/during pregnancy aren’t alone. There are so many ways in which pregnancy can be complicated!

Kumari Pregnancy

I’ve finished recording four CDs this week with the lovely and talented Paul Sammes at Arthouse Media (Dunedin). One of those CDs is a collection of coping strategies, visualisations, and meditations for women who have a complicated pregnancy.

The desire to do this has been in gestation since the birth of my daughter, who was born, at 39 weeks, 6 days, after she unexpectedly left this world. Since then, I have been pregnant three more times. My second pregnancy was ectopic – in the course of life saving surgery, I lost a fallopian tube and was told that the chances of conception had essentially halved. During my 3rd pregnancy, I was diagnosed with polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid) which resulted in lots of testing, hospitalisation for almost three weeks, and, after lots of discussion, a planned c-section with an increased risk of needing a hysterectomy if things didn’t go to plan.

There are so many things outside of our control and circumstances that mean we cannot always be calm, nor is it an advantage to always be so. However, there are many times when being calm, being present, being connected to our baby, can help us and, I imagine, our baby. There are also strategies we can use to help with those feelings of being overwhelmed, panic, overthinking, being not present, and making predictions. For example, in this free sample track (available on one of my other CDs), I guide you to centre  yourself and be in the actual moment, rather than in your mind. In conjunction with my CD, I am planning on a 2 hour workshop in Dunedin, on the 14th of February, 2016, where I’ll be covering those strategies. Workshop participants will get a free copy of my CD.

Overthinking? Going over and over negative scenarios in your mind? Rehashing things that have happened (or might happen?). I’ll be running a 3.5 hour workshop on dealing with overcoming overthinking on Saturday, 13th of February, 2016. I’ve just recorded an accompanying CD which will be free to participants. We’re just putting a package together for the combined workshops/CDs. Drop me a line ( if interested in the workshops! Please spread the word if you know anyone who might benefit! It can be a lonely and anxiety-provoking road having a complicated pregnancy…and there are things we can do to look after ourselves.



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