I’ve planted the garlic out late. Last year, I bought far too many bulbs and planted them too closely, resulting in a good harvest, but small cloves. This year, I’ve only bought two bulbs (so far) and have increased the space around them and also mulched with pea straw. Although I don’t use garlic as much these days, in an effort to keep my son’s tummy as settled as possible, I do believe that it’s good for wellbeing.

Speaking of wellbeing, I am so excited about my latest project: recording two albums of mindfulness-based exercises to promote wellbeing and relieve distress. I started making sound recordings on my trusty dictaphone for clients some while ago, finding that it was helpful if people had an actual guide through the exercise, away from the session. I’ve recently invested in a mixer/microphone and am learning the ropes!

Here are some sample visualisations/meditations. You don’t need to sign up for soundcloud to access them. Each is shorter than five minutes, as I appreciate how time poor people are.

Morning Tonic – want to start the day afresh? Let go of the hold of yesterday? Start the day with more focus and an awareness of your values? Try my morning tonic!

Bubble of Protection – facing criticism or negativity? I recorded this for adults, especially after thinking about how much criticism mothers (including myself!) receive.

Thoughts as leaves – trying to get unstuck from thoughts or feeling overwhelmed? This is a mindfulness exercise to practice detachment.

Recorded for younger people and people with an intellectual disability (although I also think these work for adults who need something more concrete or playful)

Stretch like a Cat – a brief, playful progressive muscle relaxation, which is useful for aiding sleep, tension reduction, anxiety, and stress.

Inviting a Superhero to Help Us – we all need extra help sometimes! This exercise helps us practice taking a different perspective and increasing our coping.

Please share these tracks and let me know if you find them useful! It’s brightened up my days to hear that people are using these and having great conversations with their children as a result of doing the exercises with them.

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