I don’t know much about Junk Free June, but it sounds like a fabulous idea. To jump aboard the bandwagon, I’ve decided to write a series of posts about food and related psychological aspects. Although some of my clinical work has been with those with an eating disorder, I have also worked with people who are trying to lose weight. Some of you will know that I’ve been trying to get to a normal BMI. Well, actually, initially, I just wanted to get from obese to overweight! I lost the initial 20 kg in 15 weeks and have written my account of how I did it, using the Harcombe way of eating, here. Although I have been talking about weight loss because that’s what people typically focus on, initially, I really want to emphasise that weight is only one aspect of health. Rather than losing weight, I really believe that a useful focus is on what can be gained through the process – e.g., health, vitality, eating without craving foods, etc.

Speaking of eating, I have been watching these Queensland Blue pumpkins for ages. They took over part of the yard and it was exciting counting all the emerging pumpkins beneath the beautiful full leaves. The first frosts (and snow) killed most of the vines so there was no choice but to harvest the pumpkins.  I was apprehensive about what they would be like and whether they would be ripe enough, as it is hard to tell from the outside and we haven’t eaten this variety before. This morning I cut into one to find the most delicious, buttery, golden coloured centre (photo to come) and made it into a soup with home grown carrots, swedes, parsnips, and herbs. It astonishes me that even in winter, there is so much from the garden which, even further to my astonishment, I grew while holding Bear. Not sure how that happened, but huge thanks to Past Me for doing that.


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