It’s been a long time since I last posted. The past months have flown by. In addition to watching the Little Gardener grow so quickly, I’ve been teaching (and struggling to fit the associated admin into the Little Gardener’s nap time). The semester has come to end – just in time for a flurry of spring planting .

The Great Tomato Competition has started! While waiting for grown-from-seed (Money Maker and Grosse Lisse) seedlings to grow, Labour Weekend (the time, in NZ when tomatoes are planted out) was upon us and we decided to buy some grafted tomato plants for early tomatoes. The Other Gardener and I each choose a tomato plant, and without being able to interpret the Little Gardener’s directions, we chose a variety for him that we both agreed on. This year, I have chosen Sweet 100, the Other Gardener has Dynamo and the Little Gardener has old fashioned Beefsteak.

The rules are simple: (1)we all have to plant in the same size container (planting bags, in this case, as space in the glasshouse is at a premium), and (2) we cannot sabotage each other’s plants/growing.

The current categories are:
(1) first tomato that is 1cm or more in diameter
(2) Heaviest tomato
(3) Most number of tomatoes
(4) Heaviest overall yield
(5) By blind tasting, tastiest tomato

The plants were bought on Monday and some interesting things have already happened. The Other Gardener went out last night, saying he was putting the plants into their bags.

Exhibit A: Two of the Three Plants

According to the Other Gardener, my plant was put into it’s bag too.

Exhibit B: My plant


I also discovered that my bag is only three quarter filled with tomato mix compared to the other two bags which as can be seen are completely filled.

The competition went up a notch this afternoon…

Exhibit C: Grow light + barricade to prevent my plant getting night light


I also discovered that the rest of the tomato fertiliser has been squirrelled away to another location…

Speaking of competition, here is an interesting Ted talk about some psychology of competition and the Nash Equilibrium:

Any tomato growing tips?

Incidentally, most of this blog post has been written using Dragon Dictation for iPad and I’m actually quite impressed with it’s performance!

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