Dealing with Difficult People

This month, on the Conscious Adventurer, we're talking about Internal and External Environments. One of my readers asked about tips for dealing with self-centred people.  It's my absolute pleasure to have this guest post by Simone Wittmann about this topic. Simone is...

Focussed Friday

"TGIF!" we say. Too often, it seems like we accept that Fridays are not going to be that productive and we are killing time until the weekend. Would you like to be getting more out of Friday (or, indeed, any other day)? I recently posted a survey asking people who...

Compassion & Pausing

I was on the verge of emailing someone assertively and giving them a piece of my mind (not that I can spare any pieces, but, anyway). Something made me pause. Rather unexpectedly, I met with the person in question and we had an unexpected conversation where I heard...

I’m so excited about my radio show: The Conscious Adventurer on 105.4 FM and 1575 AM, livestreaming from Podcasts are available on Itunes. If you click on the title, you’ll see my latest episodes.


To me, Conscious Living is about being kinder to ourselves, each other, and the world we live in. I hope my radio show (and blog) inspire you, motivate you, and give you tips for living a more conscious life.

Upcoming Themes for Our Podcast

July – Conscious Food

5th July: Guest: Lucas Deschamps of NaturAlley

12th July: Guest: Nicola Brown of Nibl; clinical psychologist, foodie, efficiency coach

19th July: Guest: Tracey Loughran, naturopath of Flourish and Taste Success weight loss programmes

25th July: Guest: Pip Wood of FoodShare – an initiative to share food that would be wasted with those in need.

August – Conscious Work

September – Conscious Environments

October – Conscious Loss/Loss in Pregnancy

November – Conscious Body

December – Preparing for a Festive Season that is Kinder on the heart, mind, and wallet

Kumari PregnancyI’m passionate about teaching, clinical psychology and gardening!

You can learn more about me on my website is



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